Abrasion Resistant Wear Plate Replacement

Wear plate or liners are used to prevent damage due to abrasion or impact to machinery, therefore, prolonging the life of the original equipment.

Chrome Carbide, Mild Steel and Abrasion Resistant Material

AR Plates can be made from different types of materials, mild steel, abrasion resistant material and chrome carbide overlay. Hardness is the property that provides excellent wear protection during the entire service life of the wear plates or liners as it minimises wear because the edges of abrasive material have difficulty cutting into the hardened surface. The hardness of abrasion resistant wear plate is normally in the range of 400 to 500 Brinelll, whereas the chrome carbide overlay has a Brinell hardness of around 658 and the plate can be manufactured from 10 mm thick through to 30 mm thick, so that wear parts can be manufactured in sizes that comply with manual handling laws.

AR Wear Plates and Liners Removal and Replacement

Wear parts and liners are designed to be removed from the original equipment which allows you to re-grind and re-shim to the original height of the equipment or replace it with a new wear part or liner. Extreme wear resistance is also a strategic business factor.

When you extend the service life of your equipment two, five or even ten or more times, you can watch your productivity and your savings grow.

Here at AJ Specialist Welding, with our fully equipped in house fabrication shop facility, we can produce anything from flat liners to more complex fabricated items to suit our customer’s needs, with no job being too big or too small.