Manganese Hardfacing Alloys

Manganese Hardfacing Controlled Wear

An application of A J Specialist Welding manganese hardfacing materials in the proper pattern can result in wear patterns that come very close to the optimum. Only the critical areas are overlaid with a protective coating of hardfacing material, an extremely wear-resistant metal. The throat area is left unprotected and allowed to wear at a normal rate. The throat area will be open to an ideal size long before the hard metal is worn away, giving longer periods of operation before any adjustment must be made. There are additional advantages to this process.

When the hard metal is worn to the point where an adjustment in the relationship between the cone and mantle must be made, the throat area has advanced in wear to the point where there is no loss in the ability to ‘choke’ feed even after ‘closing-up’ the crusher. The efficiency of the crusher has been greatly increased for the life of the parts.

CO² Rebuild

Crusher Heads and Bowl supports

Using our special purpose equipment, every badly worn item can be built up and re-matched successfully.

We offer refurbishing service through the use of selected materials and expert repairs.

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