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Plasma Profile and Gas Cutting

ACT Major 3650 Cutting Specifications

We own an ACT Major 3650 with a HPR400XD and gas torch and can cut plates up to 6 x 3 m.
Thickness plasma cutting in 80 mm, piercing up to 75 mm in stainless steel, 50 mm in mild steel and 40 mm in Aluminium
Plasma bevel cutting up to 45° in all directions. Thickness Gas Cutting Up to 300mm in mild steel and trough harden plates.

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Wear Plates and Profile Cutting

With A J Specialist Welding plasma profile cutting service we can manufacture A J Specialist Wear Plate products to your exact specifications. Our fully equipped workshop enables us to provide you with the perfect replacement part to suit your specific item of plant.
Our skilled team can take care of the whole process, from design to fabrication, or just send us a CAD drawing and we’ll manufacture the parts to your design.

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CAD Design Fabrication Cutting and Plasma Profile

Down time is very costly in any industry. Highly abrasive materials create specialist problems for a whole range of resource industries.
With A J Specialist Welding plasma profile cutting service, you can benefit from fast turn-around keeping your downtime to a minimum.
With our latest high-specification machinery we can cut up to 300mm thickness material.
YouTube Video – AJ Specialists Workshop Photos