Conveyer Drum Repair for Ratcliffe Power Station

A J Specialists received a phone call from Ratcliffe power station regarding a vital conveyor drum that had been taken out of service due to unacceptable wear on the main drive shaft.

AJS urgently attended site to access the scope of work required. Once a time sensitive strategy had been established the conveyor drum was collected from site and taken to our works in Coalville.

Replacement Shaft – Reverse Engineering

The shaft, taper locks and keys were disassembled from the drum removing all seized and broken bolts. A new replacement shaft was manufactured by reverse engineering from the original item.

The new shaft and conveyor drum were reassembled after carrying out a pre-assembly inspection utilising the original taper locks, keys and fitting new bolts. Finally the refurbished conveyor drum was delivered back to the customer.

All of the work had been undertaken in a swift manner and within a specified budget agreed prior to the work being carried out.

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