Welding Together – Company Acquisition

AJ Specialist Welding acquire Ace Arc Ltd

In October 2017, AJ Specialist Welding acquired Ace Arc Ltd, bringing together two established companies, well known and respected in the quarrying and recycling industry. Their expertise in manufacturing, producing and delivering chrome carbide overlay plate products are proven as the most superior on the market.

Doubling Manufacturing and Wear Plate Capacity

We now have over 75 years of experience in delivering quality wear-resistant products expertly undertaken at our two factory sites in Coalville. The acquisition will double our profile cutting capacity, thereby, decreasing lead times, meeting your delivery requirements thus improving our customer service and your company’s competitive edge.

Carbide Wear Plates – Service Spotlight November 2017

We’ve noticed traffic coming to our site via Google Search for some different terms for Wear Plates. Here’s this month’s top 5:

  1. Abrasion resistant linings for asphalt production
  2. Abrasion resistant plate
  3. Carbide wear plate
  4. Abrasion resistant steel
  5. Abrasion resistant steel plates

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