Wooden Conveyor Walkway Flooring Replacement

Bulls Lodge Quarry – Hanson Aggregates

A J Specialist Welding have recently undertaken a major project for Hanson Aggregates at their Bulls Lodge site for the replacement of the wooden conveyor walkway and wooden kick flats on their conveyor systems to flow forge flooring and 150 mm x 6 mm steel kick flats to bring them up to today’s standards.

AJ Specialist Welding was selected by Hanson due to their vast knowledge in this area and being able to undertake the work in the correct safe manner whilst the site was running and being able to complete the job at a cost that was agreed before the project started.

On Site Inspection in Chelmsford

October 2019: Before the job commencing AJ Specialist Welding design engineers visited the site and went through the various options with the customer to determine the most cost-effective solution to remove the existing wooden flooring and kick flats and replace it with the new steel components so as not to cause the customer any downtime or loss of production whilst this project was in progress.

All the materials that were used for this project were pre-fabricated and manufactured at our Coalville works to reduce the labour time required on site.

The entire project was completed in the timescale that was given to the customer at the original tender stage. When the project was completed and signed off Mr Richard Paige (Essex Quarries Manager) thanked the site personnel and the management for A J Specialist Welding for their excellent quality and knowledge completed.