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Plant chute-Manufacture and site repair/re-lining

A J Specialist Welding can provide a wide range of plate work chutes to suit the customer’s needs. Anything from a complete new chute section to replace existing worn out items or site repairs to existing plate work chutes.


Most chutes are one off items and can be designed in house or manufactured to the customers designs. To suit a wide range of loose bulk materials from dust to hard rock.


Designs can incorporate rock dead boxes to minimize impact wear on the chute and all chutes can be provided with wear resistant liners to extend the overall life time of the chute. All liners can be bolted in and periodically changed to further prolong the life time.

All designed to increases throughput and prevent blockages by individual lumps or bridging of material. Chutes can be provided with maintenance access doors or sight viewing door so the internals can easily be regularly inspected for signs of wear or blockages.

All can be supplied as fully welded units or as boltable Assembly’s to be built up in situ.

A J Specialist Welding can also provide any required mounting brackets and any supporting steel work structure required.

Chute designs and applications

  • Square sectional chutes
  • Square to round chutes
  • Round sectional chutes
  • U-formed chutes
  • Conveyor head chutes
  • Conveyor feed chutes and skirt plates
  • Screen under pan chutes
  • Transfer chutes
  • Bi-furcated Diverter chutes
  • Radial chutes
  • Crash box chutes
  • Inclined flat bottom chutes
  • Turn chutes
  • Tertiary Crusher Feed Chute
  • Crusher Feed Chamber and Biforcated Chute

Chute Lining Materials

  • Mild steel
  • Chrome carbide hard face plate
  • AJS-400 Abrasion resistant plate
  • Rubber lined steel plate
  • Polyurethane lining